“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.”

• Jack London •

I’ve founded World Tattoo Events in 2010 and as the name suggests, is a website mapping Tattoo Conventions from every corner of the world.

My fascination for tattoos started when I was a teen (late 80’s) and I have always been particularly interested by the adventurous and rich history of this beautiful art. At that time I became a really avid collector of any possible tattoo publication I could get my hands on. Unfortunately I didn’t really have any one else in my social circle, sharing my passion for tattoos. For many years it has been a pretty solitary interest. Weird times & no internet.

Things changed in 1996 when I’ve moved for a year to London. A city already very open to the tattoo culture thanks to a long tattoo history and the first professional studio dating back to 1894. I met many tattooed people and after many years searching for the perfect artist, I finally managed to get my first tattoo by Bugs into his historical studio in Camden Town. Bugs was already a very established artist in the UK tattoo scene. He marked on my back the Queen of all modern pin-ups: the le