Travelling through Asia for a few months has been in the back of my mind for years. Early 2014 I finally decided to really make it happen and started preparing towards a semi-nomadic lifestyle. This was my fist real chance to experiment with a location independent lifestyle while building my business.

So on my departure day (the 15th of September) I was obviously extremely excited and energetic. At 12.00 David came to pick me up and at 13.00 we met at the office in Leiden where my brother came to say goodbye as well. After a quick lunch together, it was time to start my journey and I got into a train to Dusseldorf.

In Dusseldorf after a few hours I boarded my first Emirates flight to Bangkok with a stop-over in Dubai. That was my first trip with Emirates and I was seriously awesome. Excellent service and staff and a brand new plane with the best entertainment center I had seen so far.

The stop-over at the Dubai airport went quite fast due the fact that it actually looks like more a giant mall where customers come by airplane instead of by car. The second flight from Dubai to Bangkok was on board the massive Airbus A380. Also my first time on this gigantic plane. I was blown away by the size of the engines which were the size of a decent truck.

After 7 very comfortable hours I’ve finally landed in Bangkok.

Time to go!

This trip has been the real beginning of a life changing experience.