I have a wide range of interests. Probably too many to even attempt to count them.

However I’m shaping my life around these core topics and personal interests:


I’m also pretty addicted to self-learning and I constantly keep educating myself about the most diverse topics. In my eyes the more I will learn and the more I will be able to contribute to our society in a more meaningful way. I also consider education and knowledge the only real asset  that anyone has, to live within an ever challenging world.

As Derek Bok famously quoted: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance“.



Since 2011, for both environmental and health reasons, I’ve gradually shifted to a vegetarian diet and haven’t eaten any meat since then.

My aim is to go 100% vegan.


During my 20’s and 30’s I’ve pretty much focused my life on work and career, unfortunately neglecting my most important asset: my own body.

I now try to work out on a daily base, doing a combination of P90X, weight lifting, calisthenics and bar training. If you need a solid workout motivation check out Frank Medrano and The Bar Brothers. These guys are truly amazing.