I’ve spent my last day in Holland, solely focused on packing everything I needed to survive for 3 months in Asia.

Being a minimalist my plan was to travel as light as physically possible. My plan was to fit all my travel gear for 3 months into 1 small laptop bag.

After a lengthy and very careful selection, I’ve managed to pack the following items into my bag:

1x Lenovo ThinkPad 500 + mouse + charger + mouse pad
1x IPAd 3 + cover + charger
1x Samsung Galaxy S (the first model out of 2010)
1x Portable Mitone Sound Speakers
1x Hut
1x Sunglasses
1x Computer/Reading Glasses
1x Jacob Cohen Summer Jacket
1x Bluemarine White dress shirt (for the nicer occasions)
7x Tshirts
2x Polo Shirts
1x Diesel Jeans
2x Short Pants
1x INQ Swim Shorts
1x Slippers
1x Microfiber Towel
3x Slips
2x Boxer Shorts
2x Short Socks
1x Wallet + Cards + Cash Money
1x Vaccinations Book
1x Toiletries

This is it really. All I need for 3 months in Asia.

2014-09-14 11.08.50

UPDATE: 23 December 2014
My packing list worked out exceptionally well. It’s incredible how little we really need while travelling in warm countries.

Most people I’ve met while travelling, were shocked by how little stuff I had with me while travelling for 3 months.

However this packing list will be an ever-changing list. For example I will ditch some items (like the Portable Mitone Sound Speakers) for my next trip while I will have to add some other items for my next trip. Items like a rain jacket, a light jumper and a bottle opener. And I will have to get a lighter laptop as well.

Also I’ve added some items while travelling and I’ve lost, trashed, given away some others.
During my trip I’ve added a new Samsung S4 which I’ve bought in Thailand with the intention of making better pictures; the phone has a 13MP camera which indeed makes pretty awesome pictures.

I’ve also bought 3 new t-shirts (1x in Vietnam, 1x in Bali and 1x in Bangkok), a Bali beach bag and 2 typical Thai pants (1x long and 1x short) which are extremely light and comfortable.

Clothes are very easily replaceable (and they wear out faster while travelling) and cheap to buy (especially in SE Asia), so there is almost no point to carry too much stuff around.