My ultimate collection of the very best Smart Habits, for a healthy, successful and happier life. Ask for genuine feedback. Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn from your mistakes.


For a living I run and by no means I am an improvement or self development guru. I’m just a regular guy, with my fair share of failures and success stories.

As you have already figured out, life is very unpredictable and absolutely uneasy to navigate. At best it’s perpetual battle against the odds. Unfortunately our education system does not prepare us for the world we live in. It may prepare us to pass meaningless tests and eventually  get a job. But it does NOT prepare us for life. We all thought that it might. But it doesn’t. At all. The society and media around us, seems to add even more confusion to the challenges of life.

So we are left to painfully “figure life out”. Which inevitably leads to major up and downs and a lot of lost souls.

Following my self preservation instinct, I’ve always been looking for the best “secrets” to deal with life. And to generally improve my living conditions.

But over the years, I’ve slowly realized that there are actually no “secrets” that magically lead to a good life.

Instead what really has the most dramatic effect on the quality of our life is consistent and sound habits. Which I call Smart Habits.
Our (un)regular habits are what really define us and our living conditions. Our living conditions it’s the result of a myriad of good and bad habits.

I guess we can all agree that bad habits, inevitably lead to a worse quality of life, while good and smart habits lead to the opposite.

It’s a simple as that.

So my Smart Habits are my personal framework to optimize my decisions, minimize losses, reach my goals and ultimately lead a more satisfying a